The Story

It's all in the history of the game...

It has  always been our desire to involve the game of Rugby in our products, and this is at the forefront of our minds during product and brand development.

‘Crafted in the fields of Rugby’ is etched on our hearts, and firmly within our product, with our distillery based on the outskirts of Rugby where we make our gin against a backdrop of the Warwickshire countryside.

Our bottles are handmade with unique glass stoppers, and the shape  reflects the bold shoulders of the players and the signature horizontal stripes of the original shirts that players wore – we have combined this with a beautiful logo representing the hallmark shape of the rugby goalpost, together with a representation of the stills and botanicals.

As a family we our passionate about our business, our products and customers.


A Special Ingredient

We are the only small batch gin distillery whose products are made here in Rugby, Warwickshire, and now our spirit botanicals are be enhanced by the very grass that William Webb Ellis ran upon.

Founded in 1567, Rugby School is one of the oldest independent schools in Britain, and it was here that in 1823 local boy William Webb Ellis picked up a football in his arms on the school playing fields and ran with it. This significant and monumental moment in time created the game of Rugby. Our flagship 1823 Dry Gin pays homage to that auspicious year.

When Rugby School made the decision to sell the turf from the original Rugby School Rugby Pitch known as ‘The Close’ it was the perfect opportunity for us to fulfil a long held ambition to include the grass in our botanicals from the pitch where William picked up the ball and ran with it.

Rugby Distillery are now proud owners of this fantastic piece of Rugby history and this will allow us to move from 12 botanicals to our lucky 13.

2023 will be the 200’th anniversary year of the game, and we at Rugby Distillery aim to celebrate the bi-centennial with gusto as our gin spirits are truly…

‘Crafted In The Fields’ of Rugby


The year William Web Ellis ran with the ball. An iconic time in history that we celebrate with our flagship gin, and named in honour of that day.

Just minutes from our distillery is Rugby School and it was here that in 1823 local boy William Webb Ellis picked up a football in his arms on the school playing fields and ran with it.

This significant and monumental moment in time created the game of Rugby, and has become an integral part of our brand story.

The first Army Navy Rugby match was held in 1878. The Navy won that day at the Kennington Oval, London, and ignited an annual sporting rivalry that continues to this day.

Navy Strength is our fuller-bodied dry gin – the botanicals are identical to our 1823 Dry Gin but is stronger in both flavour and alcohol content at 57% ABV.

We are proud to be created and crafted in the fields of Rugby and to show our appreciation to the men, women and animals of our armed forces. We raise a glass to them, and to the spirit of the game.

The first of our flavoured gins… we would love to claim some link to the world of Rugby, but we made this gin simply because the sun was shining and we knew it would taste delicious!

A twist on Rugby Distillery’s original 1823 Dry Gin, our Rhubarb Gin is distilled expertly to add tang and vibrance to this spirit, making it the perfect cocktail companion.

Rugby Distillery rhubarb gin has a beautiful pink colour, blends beautifuly with a variety of mixers and has an ABV of 40% putting it firmly in the gin category and not a liqueur – you get all the punch of the rhubarb flavour even in a cocktail.

Rugby Distillery Menton Lemon Gin is the 4th in our lineup and continues our story of the game of Rugby all the way to a small town in France.

Paying tribute to the final resting place of William Webb Ellis, in the small town of Menton in the southern tip of France, famous for its citrus fruit.

The sub-tropical microclimate of this small town in the French Riviera is perfect for growing citron, which are hand picked at their perfect ripeness.

Favoured by Michelin-star chefs across Europe, the Menton Lemon is synonymous with quality.



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The Line-Up

1823 Dry Gin

Our flagship gin
40% ABV

1827 Navy Gin

A fuller-bodied dry gin
57% ABV

Half Time Orange

The latest addition
40% ABV

Rhubarb Gin

A customer favourite
40% ABV

Menton Lemon Gin

The latest addition
40% ABV